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Papier Mache Artists

My name is DiVitto Kelly. My wife Andrea and I are papier mache artists and instructors. We create all types of sculptures, ranging from realistic dogs and cats to supersized 6-foot Pop-Tarts®. We also teach fun, interactive craft programs for children and adults. 


Our sculptures, big or small, are lightweight and quite durable. We use a special paper mache mix that when completely dry, is solid and long-lasting. We also enjoy creating sculptures by using high-quality Styrofoam as a base. Feel free to contact us about your ideas and projects.

*We also offer restoration for various types of papier mache sculptures. Recent projects include a sitting tabby cat and a seven-foot tall Jimmy Buffett sculpture (complete with guitar-playing parrot on his shoulder!)


         I must commend DiVitto and Andrea Kelly not simply for a job well done on delivering what they promised, but on accommodating our shortened timeline and really delving into the character we needed created. Skill is one thing, artistry another, and this dynamic duo has both. They were able to take a sensitive subject, and create a character that evoked emotion from all who encountered it. This could only be achieved through skill, artistry, and a nuanced attention to detail. I only wish I had more papier-mache projects, because working with this team has been rewarding.

Israel Bitton / Director, Marketing & Design  at Project Witness


Brooklyn, NY 

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