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 With over 18 years of experience!

We offer papier mache programs at libraries, schools, aquariums,

and at other educational facilities for people of all ages.

We offer a four-session "Start  to Finish" workshop where students create a sculpture utilizing newspaper, masking tape, and other materials, then apply a papier mache mix. After drying, students can use sandpaper to smooth out the texture and then prime the sculpture.

(One to two hours)

This fun workshop involves using high-quality Styrofoam, a glue/water mix, and colored tissue paper. We precut individual shapes such as sharks, sea turtles, and clown fish. Students brush on a glue/water mix then apply colored tissue paper on the shape. 

(One hour-plus)

We precut large shapes ranging from seven to eight feet in length. For one project, teens colored a 7-foot howling wolf with black tissue paper to create a cool silhouette. When the sculptures are completed, they are placed at the school, library, etc. and become a permanent fixture. This is a great way to give kids of all ages a true sense of accomplishment.

Start to finish

papier mache

Kids Program

Group Programs

Recent Programs

Our Styrofoam art workshops range between $200-$300 dollars, depending on the amount of students, materials needed, and travel distance. The price includes the cost of all materials and use of cups/brushes.

Please call (954) 649-8053 in inquire about pricing and discounts.

*Parents often remark how fun and relaxing our workshops are. Classes are available in English/Spanish. 


Some of our recent programs include: an 8-foot butterfly (along with a pair of 6-foot caterpillars) at the Miami Beach Public Library and two 8-foot alligators for the Broward County Library Story Book Festival.   

At the Captiva Memorial Library, we presented a cool Doctor Who themed craft program, featuring 16-inch Dalek and Tardis shapes. It was a treat seeing so many Whovians (young and old) attending the program!


“DiVitto and Andrea Kelly have been doing presentations for ten years at the Captiva Memorial Library. Their programs are always fun and well attended. People always ask to have DiVitto and Andrea back again. It makes a great family program!"

Naomi Pastor, Library Associate
Captiva Memorial Library, Captiva, FL


"It’s always a pleasure to have Divitto and Andrea come to the Marathon Branch Library. We eagerly look forward to his papier mache programs. And the children always have FUN! Thank you!”


Gloria Goodman, Branch Manager
Marathon Public Library, Marathon, FL



“This program was so much fun! The kid’s got so totally into it. We made an 8-foot rocket as well as large planets, stars, and the sun. The kids thoroughly enjoyed gluing the various colors of colored tissue paper onto the shapes and took ownership of the projects they were working on. They didn't want the program to end!”

Loree Jackson Youth Services Supervisor 
Main Library, Ft. Lauderdale, FL  



"The kids loved decorating their individual dolphins!  I think they were inspired by the two very large, colorful 8-foot dolphins that teens made the summer before.  The pink and yellow dolphin hangs in the children’s room, while the blue-green one watches over the young adult area."


Pamela Moore, Children's Department Supervisor
Naples Public Library, Naples, FL 



"Patrons from the Miami-Dade Public Library System loved DiVitto and Andrea’s tissue-mache workshop!  It's a fun and creative activity that's a big hit with families and kids of all ages!" Hope to see you again soon!"

Cynthia Bermudez, Branch Manager
Lakes of the Meadow Branch Library, Miami, FL



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