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After Tropical Storm Something (I don't recall the exact name), I noticed fallen coconuts in about every yard in our neighborhood.  On a whim, I decided to pick up a dozen or so. I cleaned them up and painted each in bright colors. The signature touch was the gregarious smile. At a few of the ArtWalk events in downtown Hollywood, I ended up selling out. After this taste of success, I figured, why not try to sell them on our website? 

The Original Smiley Coconut® comes in all shapes and sizes; not one is exactly same. Although orange is my favorite, you can order them in almost any color you’d like, even au naturel.             The cost is only $10 plus shipping.

If you have a specific color, feel free to contact me at My latest endeavor comes from nature and a lot of fun to make. It’s . . . The Original Smiley Coconut.


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